Every pet should be seen by your veterinarian at least yearly. Cats and dogs on average may age five to seven years in our one year and disease can progress quickly if undetected. Routine checkups allow us to identify and prevent medical conditions early before they become major problems.

 Dental Health

Can you imagine what your mouth would feel like if you did not brush your teeth for a whole year? The status of your pets mouth affects the overall health and well-being of your animal. Dental disease if left untreated makes a significant difference in the quality of life as your pet ages. We are able to implement the necessary treatments to care for your pets mouth.

 Nutrition and Diet

We offer nutritional counseling and are able to arrange diets tailored to your individual pets needs.

 Parasite Control

Parasites are unwanted inhabitants that can be found in and on your pets body. Frequently the parasites may be zoonotic (people can be infected). It is important that your pets are tested to detect them and preventative measures taken as needed to protect them.

 Diagnostic Tools

Many resources are available to support the diagnoses made about your pets health. X-rays, blood and urine tests, and microscopic evaluations all contribute in determining the appropriate care or in confirming that your pet is in good shape!


  • Wellness Exams
  • Pain Management
  • Preventative Medicine
  • Nutritional Counseling & Pet Food
  • Emergency care (only during business hours)
  • Euthanasia/Cremation (more information)
  • Health Certificates (both domestic and international)
  • Tonometry (check for glaucoma)
  • Annual Check-ups
  • Dentistry
  • Parasites
  • Dermatology
  • Rehab
  • Medication
  • Diagnostics
  • Care of chronic pet diseases and conditions
  • Vaccinations
  • Microchipping
  • Drop-Off Appointments


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Anesthesia and Surgery

  • Blood pressure, pulse oximetry, respiratory and heart rate monitoring equipment managed by veterinary technicians
  • Stem Cell Therapy – (more information)
  • Surgeries include
    • Spays and neuters
    • Dental extractions
    • Soft tissue, ophthalmic, and emergency procedures



  • Computed and digital radiology (x-rays)
  • Digital Dental Radiology

Laboratory Services

  • IN HOUSE (allows for timely sample analysis)
    • Fecal samples
    • Urine analysis
    • Preanesthetic evaluations
    • General health screens
    • Thyroid testing
    • Complete blood counts
    • Cytology (cell identification for lumps and bumps)
  • OUT OF HOUSE (includes daily pick up)
    • Specialty diagnostic tests
    • Allergy testing
    • Genetic breed determination