Around Longmont: Dog Park Roundup

The City of Longmont features six dog parks where your pet can exercise off leash.  Per the city, visitors must adhere to the following guidelines:
  • IMG_4117Dogs must be licensed and vaccinated.
  • No puppies under 4 months are allowed (parvo virus disease)
  • Please keep your dog on leash until you are inside the park and keep your leash on hand. Close the gate behind you.
  • The limit is 3 dogs per person, per visit.
  • Dogs may not be left unattended.
  • If there are other dogs in the park, please keep your dog on leash until you are sure they are compatible.
  • Dogs in heat are prohibited. Spayed/neutered dogs are recommended.
  • No aggressive dogs allowed. If any person or dog is bitten by a dog at the park, report it to the Longmont Police Department Animal Control Office, (303) 651-8501.
  • Dog owners must be responsible. By removing your dog’s leash, you are guaranteeing to other park users that your dog is safe.
  • Please pick up after your dog. The success of the parks depends on owners taking responsibility for their dogs.
  • Young children must be supervised by a responsible adult.
Things to consider:
  • On a hot day, bring a gallon of water to share. There are often bowls available to keep your dogs hydrated.
  • Bring a toy, a favorite Frisbee, chew toy or ball to throw.

Blue Skies Park

Located on the southwest side of Longmont, Blue Skies is a large 11-acre park adjacent to Blue Mountain Elementary School. The long and narrow off-leash dog exercise area is located on the north side backing to open space. Closest parking is on Turin Drive.

Dog Park #1 (21st and Francis)

A large park located on the southeast corner of 21st Avenue and Francis Street, this park features two large fenced areas and a covered picnic table. There is also a separate smaller fenced area for small dogs only. There is no on-street parking nearby, so visitors are asked to park west of the park at Garden Acres, or east of the park at Carr Park. Neighborhood parking is discouraged. Enter the park from 21st.

Dog Park #2 (Airport Road and St. Vrain Road)

Located adjacent to the Longmont Airport, this park features the largest open area for your dog to run free. Parking is available at the Public Works Facility to the west of the park and the entrance is also on the west side. This park features a covered picnic area and also several dog obstacle courses.

Rough and Ready Park

Located on the northeast side of Longmont, the dog area at Rough and Ready is a fenced area directly south of the parking lot off of east 21st Avenue. It includes several benches and trees, but is much smaller than the designated dog parks.

Stephen Day Park

Located on the east side of Longmont, Stephen Day’s dog park is also a smaller, fenced in off-leash dog exercise area on the east end of the park behind the playground and farthest from the parking lot.

Union Reservoir

If your pooch likes to swim, Union Reservoir is the place to go. Also located on the east side of town, Union’s dog training area is located on the south side of the reservoir. Union does charge a daily entrance fee of $2.00 per person (walk-in) or $10.00 per vehicle.