Laser Therapy Promotion!

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Does your pet utilize regular pain medications?

Laser therapy is a drug-free alternative to pain management. If your pet is getting more stiff, suffering from chronic skin conditions, or taking daily pain medications they may be a good candidate for Laser Therapy.

To give pets the chance to try a pain free treatment option we are offering $10 off Prescribed laser packages during the month of May!

See how Laser Therapy helped Logan:

We have this amazing dog we rescued 10 years ago. Logan loves everyone and life. Over the winter, his arthritis in his back worsened, affecting his hind legs and his ability to walk. Dr. Joan did X-rays, and gave him medications. We weren’t ready to put him down, but because of his age- at least 13, maybe older, and his poor kidney function, he wasn’t really a candidate for a surgical intervention. I was skeptical of the benefits of laser treatment when Dr. Joan suggested it. But, we were running out of options. When my groomer saw Logan on his next visit, she asked what we’d done. She noticed a dramatic change in his comfort level after the laser treatments. On his previous visit, he didn’t want her to even touch him. Making sure Logan wasn’t in pain was a priority for us. When he hadn’t had a treatment in 2 weeks because I was attending to a family emergency, his mobility dramatically increased after returning for 2 visits. For Logan, laser treatment has given him mobility and comfort, both of which we are grateful for. We highly recommend Dr. Joan and the laser option. Logan loves all the staff, and especially the puppy treats.

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