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Regenerative Medicine in Longmont CO

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy is the process of retrieving and utilizing your pet’s cells from their body to be used to heal itself. In certain cases of injury or disease, repair cells are mobilized to the damaged areas to treat the problem. The stem cells used in the treatment are harvested from fat tissue that is surgically removed from the patient while under anesthesia. This is an all-day procedure and requires intensive aftercare for several months, such as activity restrictions, in-home physical therapy, and more.

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Purevet PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

Platelet-rich plasma is a less invasive treatment in which we harnessed the healing abilities of the patient’s blood platelets. In cases of injury or disease, PRP is directly administered into effective areas in need of healing or repair, similar to the process of stem cell therapy. This procedure takes up most of the day. The patient will have blood drawn upon intake, and the technicians and assistants will prepare the PRP in-house to be administered under light sedation later in the day and for some of the follow-up.

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Cryo-banking is a process in which your animal’s fat tissue is harvested while under anesthesia. The fat samples collected are sent to Ardent Labs for processing and storage. The cells can be retrieved from the lab years later in the pet’s life when they experience certain injuries or diseases. This procedure can be done at the time of your pet’s neuter, spay, or dental surgery.

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K-9 ACV stands for the canine autologous cancer vaccine. This cancer vaccine is customized for your pet and can be incorporated into your pet’s cancer treatment plan. This vaccine can be used to improve the length and quality of life of your pet with cancer. A surgical procedure will be performed to remove your pet’s tumor, which is then sent to the Ardent lab to be processed into the vaccine. The lab sends us the personalized vaccine, which we administer to your pet on a monthly basis.

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