Veterinary Services

Routine Services in Longmont CO

Routine Services

Pet Examinations

Pet Dental Health

Pet Nutrition and Diet

Pet Parasite Control

Pet Diagnostic Tools

General Services

Pet Wellness Exams

Pet Pain Management

Pet Preventative Medicine

Pet Nutritional Counseling & Pet Food

Pet Emergency Care (only during business hours)

Pet Euthanasia/Cremation

Health Certificates (both domestic and international)

Tonometry (check for glaucoma)

Annual Check-ups

Pet Dentistry

Pet Parasites

Pet Dermatology

Pet Rehab

Pet Medication

Pet Diagnostics

Care of Chronic Pet Diseases and Conditions

Pet Vaccinations

Pet Microchipping

Pet Drop-Off Appointments

Alternative Services

Pet Acupuncture (MAV Certified)

Therapeutic Massage

Pet Laser Therapy


Pet Stem Cell Therapy

Anesthesia and Surgery Services

Blood Pressure, Pulse Oximetry, Respiratory and Heart Rate Monitoring Equipment Managed by Veterinary Technicians

Pet Stem Cell Therapy

Pet Surgeries Include

– Spays and neuters
– Dental extractions
– Soft tissue, ophthalmic, and emergency procedures

Euthanasia Services

Pet Euthanasia

Quality of Life Scale & Assessment

How do I know it’s time?

Imaging Services

Computed and Digital Radiology (X-Rays)

Digital Dental Radiology

Laboratory Services

In-House Labs (allows for timely sample analysis)

Out-of-House Labs (includes daily pick up)