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Tonometry Service Section


We must identify and address glaucoma or any other issues with intraocular pressure (pressure within the eye) as soon as possible to preserve your pet’s vision. We can quickly and safely check your pet’s eyes for excessive pressure. The tonometer equipment is used for the test, which is painless and doesn’t call for sedation.

Glaucoma can result in irreversible vision loss or perhaps blindness if it is not treated quickly (within hours to days). This test should be conducted on pets who have had ocular damage. Additionally, we advise breeds predisposed to glaucoma to visit us for routine readings so we can track eye pressure and start treating any issues before they worsen. To find out if your pet has a higher than average risk of developing glaucoma, call us now.

Any of the following issues with one or both of your pet’s eyes should be reported right away: dilated (enlarged) pupils, clouding of the cornea (the eye’s normally clear outer layer), red or bloodshot eyes, one eye bulging or appearing larger than the other, squinting, or tears. Due to the discomfort of glaucoma, your pet may react by rubbing or pawing at their eyes or rubbing their head more than normal against the ground or furniture.